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Yes! I Can Run My Business™ is an MS Access accounting software package that is fully customizable. This access accounting software package includes all the source code and the software is available for Access 2000, 97, and compatible with MS SQL Server 2000. Modify everything to suit your company's acccounting software needs! Add new reports, new features, or just change the screen layouts. 
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Download 30 Day Trial Software

Below we have two trial software packages that you may download, Yes! I Can Run My Business and PenSoft Payroll. These trail versions are fully functional for 30 days. For the Yes! I Can Run My Business, the demo requires 16MB of free hard disk space. Choose the version that corresponds with the version of MS Access or MS Office you have.

Yes! I Can Run My Business with MS Access 2000, click yesdemo2K.zip (3.4 MB) to start the download. 


For Yes! I Can Run My Business with MS Access 97, click yesdemo97.zip (3.4 MB) to start the download.

Download and Installation Instructions - We recommend printing these instructions to help you download and setup the Yes! I Can demo.

  1. Double-click on the appropriate file name above and when prompted, select to save to disk.

  2. Save the file to a folder on your hard drive. You can place it in any folder you would like.

  3. Once the file has been downloaded, unzip the file named yesdemo2K.zip ( zipped using WinZip )  from the folder where you copied it to. To download a copy of the latest WinZip click here.

  4. Once the files are unzipped, you can open Ms Access 2000 and open the file named
    "YesICan Demo FrontEnd App.MDE" from the folder you specified above.

    If prompted for the location of the backend data file when you start the demo, you will want to attach to the sample data file located in the same folder as the demo, which will be named "YesICan Demo BackEnd Data.MDB". This file contains sample data you can use while running the demo.

Pensoft PC-Payroll Professional Demo

A demo of PC-Payroll Professional Payroll for Windows 95/98 or Windows NT. This product is the payroll  used with Yes! I Can Run My Business™. The demo is a fully functional demo that will run for 30 days. Copy the file to your hard drive and run it to begin the demo installation. 

Yes! I Can Run My Business™ is a  package that is fully customizable, using Access1997 or 2000. It includes all source code and is available for many applications.  Modify anything in the software to suit your own company needs! Not even quickbooks pro ®, peachtree ®, mas90, or great plains ® can boast that.

Yes! I Can Run My Business™ had been developed over the last 8 years with thousands of companies using it.  Yes! I Can Run My Business™ performs wonderfully on a network with multiple users. All the data is central in one backend database, so it's easy to back up your data by backing up one file. Check out the testimonials to find out what others are saying about this excellent package for small and medium sized business.

For developers, there is a version called Royalty Free Developers. This license allows you to modify Yes! I Can Run My Business, add features specific to your industry.  See license agreement for exact details and restrictions. 

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